How To Create The Perfectly Puppy-Proof Apartment

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Puppy Proof Apartment For Rent Houston, TXHow To Create The Perfectly Puppy-Proof Apartment

Have a new puppy moving into your apartment home?


Congratulations! There’s nothing better than getting a new little furry bundle of joy. And no doubt you’ve bought all the toys, bedding, puppy chow, treats and a snazzy collar – have you prepped your place for her?


You might be one step ahead and have already moved your shoes and cleaned off the coffee table. That’s a great start. But preparing your home for a puppy isn’t just about making sure your favorite shoes don’t get turned into an expensive chew toy.


There’s a long list of potential hazards in your home that can spell disaster for your new fur buddy. From household cleaners and electrical cords to toxic plants and a forgotten pair of pantyhose, there are things you’ll need to do to make sure the little guy has a safe space to grow up happy and healthy (and hopefully) without an emergency trip to the vet.


We gathered 10 of the most common household dangers and ways to help you get your home paws-atively perfect for your pup.


  1. Electrical Cords

There’s nothing a pup loves to chew more than an electrical cord. But in addition to ruining your TV, they can also get burned or a lethal shock. Move cords up out of their reach, block them with furniture or wrap them in a cord protector. Here’s a how-to guide to protecting your cords.


  1. Child-Proof Locks

There’s nothing a puppy needs under the kitchen sink or in a drawer. Keep them out with child-proof locks. A curious little pup can get into a bottle of bleach or eat a box of paperclips out of the junk drawer in the blink of an eye. Lock every cabinet and drawer from the bathroom to the kitchen.


  1. Make The Trash Off-Limits

What puppy or full-grown dog doesn’t want to dig in the trash. Save yourself a mess and a sick pup by putting all of your trash cans in a cabinet, closet or pantry. If you can’t do that, get yourself a pet-proof trash can or some lid locks.


  1. Move The Houseplants

Sure they bring life to the room, but your pup is going to dig and chew on them. Not only is it bad for the plant, many houseplants are toxic. Move them out of reach or to another room with a door you can close.

  1. Use Baby Gates To Create Safe Spaces

Your puppy needs a safe space where they can play without you having to keep a constant eye on them. Create these spaces with baby gates. The kitchen is a common go-to as the floors are usually tile or hardwood. Fill their space with bedding, toys, food and water. Also use baby gates to prevent access to stairs and back rooms.

  1. Keep It Clean

No matter how often you clean, with a puppy in your home you’ve got to do double duty. Leave nothing out on low furniture or coffee tables (especially food). Keep the floors clean. Be aware of small things like coins, socks, hose and underwear, paperclips, rubberbands, etc. that a puppy can ingest.

Move anything low that they can get to – especially in the bathroom. This includes the toilet paper.

  1. Keep Doors Closed

It only takes a second for your puppy to disappear. Cut down their options by keeping all doors to rooms you’re not in closed.

  1. Put Up Breakables

If you’ve got anything you don’t want broken – put it up in a safe place. With a little fur monster in the home its chances of being broken just went up 110%. Your puppy could also be hurt or cut by the sharp broken pieces.

  1. Don’t Let Them On The Balcony Or Patio

Many apartments have that nice balcony or patio feature. It’s nice to sit out there on a nice day but it’s a falling or escape hazard for a small puppy.

  1. Potty Pads And Scratch Guards

Until they’re housetrained there’s going to be accidents. Cut down on cleaning (and carpet damage) with potty pads. Protect your doors and walls from scratching while saving your deposit with scratch guards.


Depending on how wonderfully terrible your little guy is, you’re sure to find more ways and things you’ll need to do to keep them safe. But start with these 10 things and you’ll be well on your way.


No matter how bad they are – you’re still going to love the little guy.


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