How To Stay Motivated To Work Out (Plus 10 Great Gyms In Houston, TX)

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Best Gyms Apartments For Rent Houston, TXHow To Stay Motivated To Work Out (Plus 10 Great Gyms In Houston, TX)

Even people who virtually live at the gym have those days when they just don’t want to go.


Days when they’d just rather sleep in or go straight home after work and veg out to Netflix.


But then one skip day turns into two, turns into a week and before you realize it, you’re off your regular workout routine and the pounds start creeping back, your strength and endurance gains lost.


Loss of motivation.


It happens to everyone, even the most dedicated to physical fitness. Keeping motivated to do something that is exhausting and physically strenuous isn’t easy – I mean, who needs to be motivated to eat a slice of chocolate fudge cake other than the fact that the cake needs to get in my mouth right now?


If you’re having trouble with motivation, here’s some tips to help push you along:


  • Dial back your goals

If you set your goals too high, chances are you’ll feel frustrated when you don’t reach them. Dial it back a bit. Take baby steps. Set smaller goals that build on each other.


  • Track your progress

Keep a journal entry detailing your progress, including weight lost/gain, strength improvements, new faster times, etc. A physical copy of your progress to refer to is tangible proof of your achievements.


  • Erase guilt

Don’t beat yourself up over a lost day or setbacks. This is life, they’re going to happen. Just simply recognize them and strategize how to overcome them in the future. Don’t let a failure be an excuse to give up.


  • You do you

Don’t worry about what everyone else is doing, how much progress they’re making. Focus on yourself and your goals, that’s all that matters.


  • Keep it fresh

Don’t get into a workout routine. Mix it up. Do a variety of workouts like HIIT, weight training, cardio, kickboxing, cycling, etc. Not only will you fight the boredom of a rigid routine, the varying types of workouts will keep your body confused and help you get better gains.


  • Get a partner

Having a workout partner isn’t just good for heavy lifting. A partner will help hold you accountable to your workout routine and push you when you’re tired.


  • Join a gym

Not only will you gain access to a world of fitness equipment and weights, you’ll be able to take group classes and work with personal trainers giving you a valuable extra source of motivation.


So if you’re feeling motivated, here’s a list of 10 great gyms in Houston where you can get started on your fitness journey.


CrossFit Illuminati

Voted one of Houston’s best gyms. Reclaim your fitness and regain control of your life with their varied functional workouts and community-based training classes. Try two trial classes free.


Planet Fitness

A gym for everyone and every fitness level. Of course you’ll have all the equipment you need, great classes and personal trainers – plus you’ll have no excuses since it’s open 24/7.


LA Fitness

They set the standard for the fitness gym. They’ve got everything you’ll need and more.


Houston Strength

Uncover your hidden strength with their one-on-one training, small group classes and sports performance trained led by their professional coaches.



The desire to get fit is just as important as doing the workout. Improve your strength, conditioning and mobility with their unique functional workouts. 


Memorial Athletic Club & Aquatic Center

A high-quality gym experience without the contract. They’ve got everything from aerobics and aquatics to racquetball and spin classes.



A 24-hour access gym with the latest equipment, a mix of classes and understanding personal trainers. A great place to get fit with a comfortable atmosphere. Get a free 7-day trial.


Pro Dynamic Fitness

Great equipment, professional personal trainers, Krav fit workouts, self-defense classes and a juice bar? What more do you need?


Prestige Strength Fitness

Learn how to become a stronger, better lifter with owner and coach Steven Solt’s extensive background and training in strength, conditioning and powerlifting.


Uptown Fitness

With state-of-the-art equipment, a variety of routines, classes, personal trainers and nutritional coaching, they’re the right fit for your fitness schedule.


There’s 10 great gyms for you. Take the first step and get motivated to join up. 


The rest is up to you.


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